Orlando Exterior Painting


When deciding to paint the exterior of your home there are a few things to keep in mind. Let’s quickly review the important factors of exterior painting so you can get the job done right. Everyone uses their own techniques and styles of exterior painting but there are a few classic ways of accomplishing this daunting task. Altogether, cleaning and prepping the surface and figuring out the style to use are the fundamental steps to having a fresh exterior paint job.

First off, many folks tend to pressure-wash the side of their homes before applying any new paint and this usually bodes as a very logical decision. By doing so, you eliminate any leftover residue from previous paint jobs or any other insect droppings and overall weathered marks. After cleaning and prepping your surface its a good idea to begin this job during the perfect time of year. The ideal time is in the late spring or early fall. Also, make sure the weather isn’t too sunny OR too cold–under 40 degrees–because both weather extremes can actually ruin your new paint job, especially in Orlando and Florida. Basically, a nice crisp 65-70 degree late September day. Remember to thoroughly inspect the outside of your home as well, trees that are planted close to the home may have roots that can cause paint damage in the future.

Secondly, there many different problems you face when painting a home. These vary from home to home because of your environment and other factors. These unfortunate setbacks are preventable. Here are two of the major problems you will likely face when painting the exterior such as; peeling and wrinkling. The good news, you can combat these issues head on with the right advice.

What is Peeling?

Peeling is caused from a wet wood inside your home. The moisture pushes its way outside of the home and as a result, your new paint starts to peel. To prevent peeling simply use a latex primer and latex paint. The latex formula allows moisture to seep through the paint which eliminates future peeling.

What is Wrinkling?

Wrinkling happens directly after applying new coats to the exterior. Paint runs and sags into droopy areas. This occurs because the paint is either too thick or if you paint in cold weather. When you re-coat your exterior, make sure the paint is even across the entire surface and if you need to just use sand paper to even out the blotchy spots.

All in all, painting the exterior of a home is not a one day project. So remember to prep and clean accordingly. Check the weather for about one week in advance and follow our two tidbits of advice, because we all know problems will occur so we can’t fully prevent them but we can prepare for them. Good Luck!

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