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When deciding which paint to use, a few questions come to mind. What brand do I buy? What type of paint should I get? Should I hire an expert to help out? Well these are valid questions and hopefully after reading this passage, you can make a more informed decision for yourself.

promarpaintFor starters, we at C&H Paint use a new paint formula that is gaining much attention, especially for those of you that respect and love our environment. Contrary to popular beliefs, these “green” or “eco-friendly” paints are actually very cost efficient. The average customer always determines the cost of something by the dollar amount you pay for the can of paint. Obviously there is some logic behind that thought, but most of the time people overlook the fact that preparation, maintenance and repairs factor into the equation as well. The new Sherwin Williams Promar 200 ZERO VOC is the optimum paint for your home. Here’s a few proven reasons why.

This paint is eco-friendly, has a low odor and won’t break your bank when purchasing it. Many industry experts are claiming this Promar 200 ZERO VOC one of the finests paints in the market today. One source even went as far as holding a traditional A/B test to scale the the types of paints available in stores today. After a landslide victory, Sherwin Williams new product was labeled as a “must-have” paint for future customers.

In conclusion, the Sherwin Williams research and development team created a new industry standard for painting homes. Not to mention, you will NOT need to hire an experienced painter or his staff to finish the job for you. This environmentally friendly paint is extremely user-friendly and you can even have full confidence in letting the kids try out a section of the house. The cost, the style, the odor-free scent and the easy-to-use method makes this paint a no-brainer. We look forward to hearing about your success stories soon!

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